Powder painting is based on the principle that objects with opposite electric charges (positive and negative) attract one another. Powder particles are negatively charged by passing them through a special gun. This results in an electric field between the gun and the earthed component. The powder particles then follow the field lines and adhere to the product.

The component is then conveyed to a furnace where the powder is baked at temperature of 160 to 200 degrees C for approximately 15-20 minutes. Most conducting or thermally stable materials are suitable for powder coating.

Powder coating is based on the principle that objects with opposite electric charges (positive and negative) attract one another.


All products are cleaned and treated prior to powder coating to ensure correct adhesion. Arco Color AS use a new five-stage environment friendly pre-treatment spray system.

Stage 1: Clean (temperature 55 degrees C), 90 seconds

Stage 2: Clean (temperature 55 degrees C), 90 seconds

Stage 3/1: Rinse, 45 seconds with tap water

Stage 3/2: Rinse, 45 seconds with DEMI water

Stage 4: OXILAN 90 seconds

Stage 5: DEMI water rinse, 90 seconds.

Components are then dried at a temperature of max 120 degrees C before the powder is applied.

More About Powder Paint

Powder coating is commonly used in the manufacture of the following products:

Office furniture

Automotive accessories

Fixtures and fittings

Cladding and roofing

Household appliances

Wire goodis

Different types of powder are used depending on the service conditions of the component:

Internal Use: epoxy and epoxy-polyester

External use: polyester

Choosing Powders

The three factors you need to consider when choosing the type of powder are:

Service conditions: Internal or External

Gloss level: Matt, Semi-gloss or Gloss

Finish: Flat or textured

Many different colours, textures and special effect powders are available to create the desired finish. Also available zinc primer

All the powders used by Arco Color AS is TGIC Free.

Powder Coating Quality…

It is Arco Color As objective to achieve the highest standard of quality and customer satisfaction. Arco Color AS uses quality powders supplied by AKZO NOBEL and ohter recognised manufacturers and processes all components through a modern paint plant system with a five -stage pre-treatment. Regular quality checks are made along with stringent spot checks carried out at intervals by quality engineer. Full traceability is maintained throughout.

Regular Quality Checks

Gloss Level – This ensures that the components are stoved correctly to specification.

Thickness Test – This checks that there is sufficient powder on the components to meet the protection requirements.

100% Visual Checks – Visual checks are used to make sure the components are free from contamination and that the finish is even.

Adhesion Test – This destructive test is carried out on test plates that are processed with each batch of components. It tests that the powder has adhered to the parts correctly.